Blog Goals!

I have a few goals for here and my other blog, Dead Romantics. Both blogs need to be revamped to represent a high standard blog. Then soon enough I need to get to the Twitter and Facebook. I am only one person but I can do it if I try.

1) Blog Format. The titles and the links need a little tampering here and there to be a bit more user friendly. I had a reader of my blog ask me how to find my book. It should be easy to find my book so I am going to look into widgets and other WordPress tools that may be useful.

2) Blog background and wallpaper. I will do my best to make sure I can produce my own quality background and wallpaper on both blogs. I feel this is something that is necessary. A zombie style background may be appropriate.

3) One post a day or multiple posts a day. This is what I strive for as I mentioned in one of my previous posts.

Instead of constantly procrastinating and whining about my own personal failings about it, I intend on fixing some of these things this week.


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