A Return to Gaming Tuesdays


This month, there will be a return to Gaming Tuesdays. I think I only have posted one Gaming Tuesday, honestly. The topic will probably be Hearts of Iron IV or Men of War Assault Squad 2.

Currently, I am working on a Chinese Civil War mod for Men of War Assault Squad 2. It has been fairly tiresome at times. I want to have the weapons, uniforms, and battles from the respective time period. I have started working on the Han-Liu War. I aiming at having a defense mission that takes place during the war. Need to work on the uniforms, skins, and other stuff.

I Appreciate Literacy But Written Words Are Tone Deaf

Literacy is great in many respects. Literacy, the ability to read and write, is often taken for granted due to a lack of appreciation for the advantages of being literate. It is infuriating that literacy is not taken seriously as it should because most of humanity’s history has been one of illiteracy. The prevalence of literacy is the greatest contribution schools have ever offered and will offer. Now why is literacy important?

Literacy has given way to the prevalence of formally written laws and formally written historical traditions. Laws that are not written can’t depend on any sense of objectivity. Informal laws and spoken traditions depend upon the personality that controls them and the community at large that respect them.

Who would be the wiser when a chief of a village or king of a kingdom decided to change the informal laws? It is purely at his and the elites’ discretion alone. Then there is the discretion to which the people follow the personality that controls those laws. The social contract was informal and did not command objectivity. I suspect if we were capable to observe most of human history, we would find that most people were tried by mob action or mock trials. I imagine people prosecuting their political foes, heretics, and any other person they dislike at their discretion. That’s disturbing but more so dangerous.

Versus modern America in today’s time has a literate society, there are laws that everyone must follow from top to the bottom. Even the President of the United States is theoretically obligated to follow the law whether he likes it or not. Literacy is important for laws and historical traditions but also for day to day usage. Most people have a formally written job description but probably have never read it nor can they recall it. That’s very dangerous for a variety of reasons considering they are paid based on what is in their job description. Employees get to doing things they are not obligated to do(other people’s jobs) and then you have other employees disregarding what they are actually obligated to do. A failure of respect for literacy and the acknowledge of one’s purpose. I have yet to understand why people make laws, policies, documents, job descriptions, and etc. if they have ZERO intention of following what they wrote or someone else has written.

Now knowing the quick and short importance of literacy that I offered above, do reading and writing words equate to the understanding of words’ themselves. More words do not equal better communication as most nagging loudmouthed harridans would have us believe. Nor do less words lead to better communication either as most socially inept shy men would have us believe. The question is the tone of the words as well as the choice of the words which may or may not lead to better communication. The same phrase can be said in aggressive loud way or casual nonchalant way but will effectively create different meanings. The words remained the same, just the tone changed. The meaning behind the words changed as well.

Tone is removed from entirely from written words. Written words have proven to be tone deaf.

The Internet in my opinion is the greatest example of tone deafness human history. For example, a millionaire commenting on an article. His opinion maybe considered the same as a homeless man. First, how do we know they are a millionaire? How do we know the other man is homeless? We don’t unless there is enough proof. We have two stranger anonymously commenting on an article in most places on the Internet. To be more precise, you don’t know if the person commenting here on this blog is a real person or not. I could be just a bot, what proof is there? Think and think critically but don’t take it too seriously as there are greater things in the world to worry about.

On top of who is speaking we don’t know the tone in which they are speaking. How do you truly know if someone is serious or they are a troll? Some may so, this person has a history of commenting with outlandish posts. My response is, how do you know that they don’t have a mental disability of some sort? You never know who is talking and how they are talking based on written words alone. Tone is removed and we haven’t a clue to who maybe on the other side of that keyboard typing away.

The Internet is the a place where one suspends belief the greatest. You never know who is commenting and why they are commenting. In reality, the real world, we find it easier to pick up on if someone is smart, stupid, rich, poor, serious, joking, or what other description you can think of.

Written words are important at times. But for me, words have little to no value outside of fiction because words have nothing to do with actions. There is an overzealous fascination with written words to take them on as if they are animate creatures that come to life. From my experience, many people equate words to automatically mean actions or future actions. That shows a lack of care for what is done but a love of what was said(See Past Political Campaign Promises). One’s intention is immeasurable in most cases. We can only measure action.

“Words only matter as much as those that can back up those words.”


Lofty goals that are hard to reach. One of my goals since becoming an amateur author is to get to working 18 hours, 6 days a week. That has always been my goal. To work hard and provide quality work that people are frothing at the mouth to read.

I haven’t gotten to 18 hours a day yet. I don’t think I have that many readers frothing at the mouth yet either. I haven’t been inundated with countless fan mail asking about my books.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and I don’t expect to jump to the top in a day either. I will work to get there and I will learn to work harder every day until I get there. To finally, get where I want in life and do something I am proud of.

I wish to be like my heroes and role models: Eiichiro Oda, Jack Kirby, and other writers/authors who have worked very hard to get where they are. It’s not easy, I am in competition with many other writers and authors. Knowing this, I always strive to become a better writer and I always strive to become a better artist. To produce works that I can be proud. Works that people enjoy and discuss in book clubs. So that when I am sixty or seventy pushing into retirement age that I can look back and say I did something, I did something people enjoyed reading and talking about.

I have told many people that I know made it when I see people cosplaying as my characters. I definitely know I made it when fans are arguing in the comments sections about which character they like or which scene they loved.

Not there yet, I strive to be. Just another reminder that I need to work harder and finally get to that 18 hours and then work 18 hours, 6 days a week consistently.

Random Thoughts: On Writing

With all due respect, high quality writing probably never has drawn a dime. 

Many schools and universities put an emphasis on students having an adequate grasp of grammar. That is excellent for legal paper work and official documents. But for books? Who actually is interested in a work because of the author’s writing and grammar skills? As the saying goes “Where’s the beef?” High quality writing and grammar does not equal good storytelling ability or the ability to simply just keep a reader’s eyes to the pages.

I always like to point out 50 Shades of Grey  as the sharpest reply to those who have an obsession with the quality of writing and grammar. My perception after reading E.L. James’ works is that she is a terrible writer and grammarian. But who cares? One reads, to be entertained or to learn more. Not for good grammar and good writing ability. Very rarely do good writers make for good storytellers from my experience. I think Stephen King has a great skill set as a writer and an excellent command of the English language at times. He seems to be a minority from what I experienced, I may be wrong.

I say, I have little to no interest in being an excellent writer or a grammarian. I also have no interest in using language that is merely cosmetic and lofty unnecessarily.

Blog Goals!

I have a few goals for here and my other blog, Dead Romantics. Both blogs need to be revamped to represent a high standard blog. Then soon enough I need to get to the Twitter and Facebook. I am only one person but I can do it if I try.

1) Blog Format. The titles and the links need a little tampering here and there to be a bit more user friendly. I had a reader of my blog ask me how to find my book. It should be easy to find my book so I am going to look into widgets and other WordPress tools that may be useful.

2) Blog background and wallpaper. I will do my best to make sure I can produce my own quality background and wallpaper on both blogs. I feel this is something that is necessary. A zombie style background may be appropriate.

3) One post a day or multiple posts a day. This is what I strive for as I mentioned in one of my previous posts.

Instead of constantly procrastinating and whining about my own personal failings about it, I intend on fixing some of these things this week.


My Current Projects

I have several book projects ongoing currently. One of my editors likes to constantly chirp about “bite size” pieces. I DISAGREE! That would be putting it mildly. I just need to work harder. Take a look below.

Man in the Clubhouse. The story takes place in the early 1900s about the rise of Eddy O’Brien, an Irish politician in Hell’s Kitchen. Eddy learns about the problems and struggles of his neighborhood as he works his way up through the political ladder. Starting from a mere grunt for a block captain slowly working his way up to run for political office. As he progresses up the ladder we learn more about the political conflicts and compromises that are part of New York political life. We learn not only about his political life in Hell’s Kitchen but also his social life. There are gangsters, political bosses, prostitutes, civic minded citizens, the Catholic Church, the Average Joes next door, and plenty more! I intend on taking this book to a literary agent and hope to get it published.

Mason City Day 1 Series. Of course the long awaited sequel of The Journal of Austin Sommers that everyone has been asking about. This is a four book installment about the first day of the zombie breakout in Mason City. All the events in the four books that take place throughout the same day in the same city.

One book is about a former pilot named Tobias Bedford and his struggle to return home from prison. He looks forward to seeing his family and friends but he isn’t too sure if he is prepared for it.

The next book is about a soldier named Victor Cardozo from San Pedro who has came to Mason City to track the whereabouts of Austin Sommers and learn what happened in the tent city back in San Pedro. Why did everyone die? Was there foul play?

The third book is about a young upstart female pro wrestler named Lydia Portman who is rash and a bit rowdy at times. She gets caught up in the vibrant spirit that takes place on the eve of the zombie breakout.

The fourth book is a choose your own adventure style book. Not so much as one chooses a character. But this book is made up of three main characters. A bank manager, John Stanton; a college student, Leigh Bartlowe; and a janitor, Micah Roland. You choose to read as any of the three characters as they go throughout the first day of the zombie breakout in Mason City.

I aim to deliver all four books at once so look forward to them being published on Amazon.

Edge of the Galaxy. A slight change in name from On The Omegala. A young woman graduates from The Dolinger Space Warfare Institute. She is given the offer to join a colony ship named The Omegala that will venture to some unknown planet on an expedition. The Omegela has many internal problems as the crew struggles with each other as well as attacks from pirates. Will the crew make it to their destination or will they fail miserably?

I hope to publish this on a few free sites as well as here on my blog. I intend to offer an entry sometime this week. Stay tuned!

Honorable Mentions: I will discuss more about the following books later. These works I have started but are on hiatus. When the Heroes Act!The Red Hat: Easterly ConundrumSecrets of the Crimson FortressValor of The Blood Hunt.

Notes: I intend on re-writing the Xavi Jones story. I will publish it for free online in a few places aside from here.

I will continue to keep the blog updated as I work on these books. Thanks for your patience. I look forward to posting more.


Blog Update


Thank you for following me here at The Gentlemen’s Corner. I apologize for the lack of posts. I intend on writing here and my other blog every day. Starting today.

I’m not exactly sure what I will blog about exactly but I will. You can expect to read about updates on the books that I am currently working over at Dead Romantics. Here at The Gentlemen’s Corner you can read about random posts, reviews, and my goals.

Thanks for your patience and stay tuned.

DJ Hart

My First Book Published!

It took over a year and a half but I’m finally here with my first book on Amazon, The Journal of Austin Sommers. The Journal of Austin Sommers is about how Austin Sommers joins a team of scientists in an effort to cure a disease in the San Pedro region in South America.

While disease may be potent, Austin has problems of his own. He finds himself weak and helpless in many of the situations he finds himself in. Austin is not only in a struggle with himself and a vicious infectious disease, but with other people. Can he survive?

The Journal of Austin Sommers is the first book in the Mason City Series. The story takes place a years before a zombie outbreak reaches the United States and strangles Mason City with chaos. Please read, enjoy, share, and review.