Random Thoughts: On Writing

With all due respect, high quality writing probably never has drawn a dime. 

Many schools and universities put an emphasis on students having an adequate grasp of grammar. That is excellent for legal paper work and official documents. But for books? Who actually is interested in a work because of the author’s writing and grammar skills? As the saying goes “Where’s the beef?” High quality writing and grammar does not equal good storytelling ability or the ability to simply just keep a reader’s eyes to the pages.

I always like to point out 50 Shades of Grey  as the sharpest reply to those who have an obsession with the quality of writing and grammar. My perception after reading E.L. James’ works is that she is a terrible writer and grammarian. But who cares? One reads, to be entertained or to learn more. Not for good grammar and good writing ability. Very rarely do good writers make for good storytellers from my experience. I think Stephen King has a great skill set as a writer and an excellent command of the English language at times. He seems to be a minority from what I experienced, I may be wrong.

I say, I have little to no interest in being an excellent writer or a grammarian. I also have no interest in using language that is merely cosmetic and lofty unnecessarily.

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